We allow our members to invest in companies alongside professional investors, at the same price and share class

Part Funded

All-in-one marketing technology platform with tools for multi-channel campaigns

Lead Investor
Middle East Venture Partners

Pre-Money Valuation $2,990,000
Funding Target $900,000
Equity Offered 23.14%
Raised $450,000
50% Complete


Invest Alongside the Professionals

All investment opportunities showcased on LeadAngels are part funded by experienced lead investors. You can join them at the same price, same terms. No fees, no carry.


Rigorous Due Diligence

Only part funded proposals will be considered before undergoing rigorous due diligence at the hands of our investment team.



Technology has spurred innovation in the financial sector opening up new avenues of funding for businesses, organisations and individuals.


All opportunities already part funded
Invest alongside professional lead investors at the same price and share class
Valuation set by lead investor, NOT entrepreneur
Due diligence on all proposals
No fees


Access to accredited investor network
Exposure through regular fundraising events
Deep legal discounts
Proven team with UK & Middle East track record