What is LeadAngels?

LeadAngels is the Middle East's first online syndicated private investment platform allowing lead investors the opportunity to showcase their early stage investments for follow on funding. LeadAngels deals with all stages of the fundraising process, from preparing the fundraising pitch to the issuance of share certificates via our third party heavily discounted legal service.

What is LeadAngels NOT?

LeadAngels is NOT a funding engine for seed stage businesses. Companies seeking funding must be already seeded and revenue generating. LeadAngels is NOT a retail crowdfunding platform. Investors must be accredited and minimum investment amounts are $25,000.

What is a lead investor?

A lead investor is an individual or institution who coordinates a funding round by committing time and expertise along with capital. Although the lead investor is not necessarily the largest capital contributor, LeadAngels requires that the lead investor or investors commit minimum 10% towards the round before the proposal is showcased to additional investors.

Why do I need to provide ID?

LeadAngels is required to carry out anti-money laundering measures which include cross checking user details with accompanying ID. This is part of our due dilligence measures for lead and follow on investors and allows the LeadAngels geographical filter to identify which funding rounds a user can and cannot invest in. All user data is protected as outlined in our privacy policy

What is an accredited investor?

In order to invest in or fully view fundraising proposals users must be accredited according to one or more of the following parameters set by the US securities and Exchange Commission:

  1. earn an individual income of more than $200,000 per year, or a joint income of $300,000, in each of the last two years and expect to reasonably maintain the same level of income.
  2. have a net worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with his or her spouse.
  3. be a general partner, executive officer, director or a related combination thereof for the issuer of a security being offered.
  4. invest on behalf of a registered investment company or a business with $5 million in assets or a business where all equity owners are accredited.

How does LeadAngels protect my information?

LeadAngels does not store confidential information such as bank account details and an electronic firewall blocks our servers from receiving sensitive data. Communication between your browser and LeadAngels is encrypted, ensuring a fully secure environment. Non-electronic information such as user ID documentation is protected as outlined in our privacy policy

Can I trust LeadAngels?

LeadAngels will be organising regular investor events where you can meet the team or alternatively call or visit our Dubai office located at Jumeirah Lakes Towers. All investment pledges are realised in a legal escrow account arranged by our third party legal service which is involved in the fundraising process from start to finish and our payment providers are fully secure.

How does LeadAngels protect against fraudulent deals?

Background checks are conducted on management teams and companies must provide incorporation and financial documents. Lead investors must be institutional or have documentation showing previous investor activity.

How does LeadAngels work?

LeadAngels arranges investor led syndicates giving investors access to high quality opportunities alongside professional 'lead' investors. Lead investors must contribute 10% towards the funding target round before the deal is opened to additional investment at the same price and terms as the lead investment.

For more information visit our How it works for investors.

Raising capital

Why should I use LeadAngels to raise money?

How do I qualify as a lead investor?

You must secure 10% of the minimum funding target and be an accredited investor.

What are the fees?

LeadAngels charges a $2,000 administrative fee to the company seeking funds to list and manage each funding round whilst a 5% success fee is charged on funds raised if your funding target is met. Legal fees are paid to our discounted provider and vary depending on the structure of the round.

How do I post my proposal on LeadAngels?

Once you have secured 10% of your funding target from a lead investor such as a venture capitalist or angel investor you can register with LeadAngels and get in touch.

How long does it take to raise money?

Campaigns run from 90-120 days with an option to extend the duration if certain criteria are met.

Can I post a business from any sector?

Any sector excluding weapons, firearms, gambling and alcohol.

Can I decide the number of follow-on investors / minimum investment amount?

Yes. The minimum investment amount can be altered to accommodate a specific number of investors.

For investors

Why should I invest through LeadAngels?

Valuation- You are investing at a valuation which has already been negotiated by a lead investor such as an angel network or venture capital fund- valuations on LeadAngels are NOT determined by the entrepreneur but by an investor putting their own money into the business.

Investor rights- All investors on LeadAngels receive the same share class regardless of the investment amount. Investors will also be given priority in future funding rounds.

Due diligence- The lead investor conducts due diligence prior to investing. Proposals are carefully selected and undergo additional due diligence before they are showcased by LeadAngels.

No fees- LeadAngels does not charge investors any fees nor do we charge carried interest on existing investments.

How does the investment process work?

Once registered you will have full access to funding proposals. Investing in our opportunities is straight forward. You simply place a fully refundable deposit on your investment pledge and wait for the end date of the campaign to be reached. If the minimum funding target is met you transfer the balance of your pledge and await your investor documentation. If the minimum funding target is not met, no transaction will occur and your deposit will be fully refunded.

See How it works for investors for more information.

Are there any fees for investors?

No. Investing through LeadAngels is free. Nor do we charge carried interest on existing investments.

Who determines the company's valuation?

Companies can only list on LeadAngels if they have a lead investor. The valuation is negotiated between the lead investor and company.

What are my rights as an investor?

Your shares will be of the same classification as those issued to the lead investor, meaning you will have the same rights. If the company exits through a buyout or takeover you will receive the same price for your shares and you will be given priority in any future funding rounds.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

LeadAngels sets a minimum investment figure of $25,000 for each fundraising campaign however the lead investor may wish to increase this amount should they want fewer follow on investors in a particular round.

When will I see a return on my investment?

Angel investors typically take 3-7 years to achieve an exit. Companies may choose to pay a periodic dividend to shareholders however this is uncommon for early and growth stage businesses. Some exits can be huge whilst others may never happen.

How do I know that the information provided by the lead Investor / entrepreneur is accurate?

LeadAngels conducts rigorous due diligence on lead investors and their proposals. Company accounts, financial statements, incorporation documentation and other key data are assessed in order to collaborate statements made by the lead investor and entrepreneur before the proposal is showcased by LeadAngels.

Are there geographical restrictions on who can invest?

Due to international discrepancies in securities investment laws, certain fundraising proposals will only be available to investors from a particular region. LeadAngels works closely with lawyers from various regions to ensure that, with our automated geographical filter, investors will only be allowed to make pledges to businesses in which they are legally permitted to invest.