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LeadAngels gives investors access to opportunities where they can invest in private companies alongside professional investors at the same price and share class.

Clear benefits


You are investing at a valuation which has already been negotiated by a lead investor such an angel network or venture capital fund- valuations on LeadAngels are NOT determined by the entrepreneur but by an investor putting their own money into the business.

Investor rights

All investors on LeadAngels receive the same share class regardless of the investment amount. Investors will also be given priority in future funding rounds.

Due diligence

The lead investor conducts due diligence prior to investing. Proposals are carefully selected and undergo additional due diligence before they are showcased by LeadAngels.

No fees

There are no fees for investing through LeadAngels nor do we charge caried interest on existing investments.

Who are our members?

Accredited investors - Individuals who have experience working in the financial sector, are part of an affiliated investor network or have made at least two investments in unlisted companies.

High net worth individuals - Wealthy individuals with net investable assets (excluding primary residence) of $1 million.

Angel investors - These are individuals who invest in early stage businesses in exchange for equity. Angel investors are often business people who can provide other valuable resources such as knowledge, contacts and experience.

How it works for investors

Lead investor negotiates valuation and invests

All proposals listed with LeadAngels are part funded by a lead investor based on agreed upon terms and valuation.

Funding round is open to investors

LeadAngels members can fully access and evaluate investment opportunities. To subscribe for shares members deposit a fraction of their total investment amount and If the funding target is met within a set time the balances are collected into a legal escrow account. If the funding target is not met deposits will be refunded in full. There are no fees for investors.

Legal process underway

Funds are held in a legal escrow account whilst LeadAngels takes care of the paperwork.

Funds transferred and shares issued to investors

Once the legal documentation Is finalized the funds are released. LeadAngels does not intervene after the funding round is closed. Shares are issued and held directly by the investors.

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